Our Chiropractic DR solutions give you the tools you need with unsurpassed image quality which results in the very best workflow and patient experience.


The D-EVO from Fuji is their DR cassette which offers high resolution images while using low dosage exposure .


AeroDR XE is the simple, reliable, robust wireless DR solution for the most extreme environments. AeroDR XE is for healthcare providers that need to image patients outside of the radiography department under extreme physical and environmental conditions like ER/Trauma, ICU/CCU or at the patient’s bedside.. Robust by design, the AeroDR XE delivers unparalleled reliability and high-capacity imaging. The AeroDR XE is the lightest panel available today weighing only 5.7lbs. The panel is liquid resistant reducing the likelihood of damage due to fluids in the exam area.


ViVIX-S is a Vieworks’s flat panel digital radiography system with the large field coverage area of 17”x17” designed for general radiographic application using its unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector. The active 9 Mega-pixels of the ViVIX-S system ensure superior image quality for today’s high standards in precise diagnosis through Vieworks’s digital radiographic flat panel detector technology.


20/20 Imaging’s new DR technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the future of digital imaging to your doorstep.